Antique Hardware Curtain Pulls

The “Enchanted Forest” features antique door plates and vintage glass door knobs for curtain pulls. Adding this element to window treatments provides a magical, classic look to the room. Here is a brief snapshot of how to achieve this look. I have a few pictures from the transformation process … In future posts I’ll be more diligent about sharing step-by-step pictures.  In the meantime, my explanation will have to work.

I was lucky to find sets of matching plates for Adalyn’s two windows (one of each design is pictured below). Found these at one of my favorite spots – Penn Dutchman Antiques – located in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. (If you visit, you must go to Chicago Brauhaus for delish German food. The chicken schnitzel is my fave.)

When shopping for the right antique hardware don’t be scared of a little rust. Both of the larger plates were rusted hot messes. The smaller plates supposedly came from an old Victorian mansion in Chicago. (Good story, huh?) It seems sitting in the lap of luxury worked to my benefit because I was able to keep the original finish.

Refinishing the rusted plates was simple. All they needed were a bit of TLC in the form of steel wool and elbow grease. My husband and father-in-law brought them back to life in literally five minutes. Can I get a round of oohhs and ahhs for the before and after shot?

We used giant bolt screws to affix the glass knobs to the plates. If you take on this project, just bring the door knobs to the hardware store to ensure you find the right screws for a snug fit. Now, since I don’t have pictures of this process … make a mental note that you’ll have to use a hacksaw to trim the length of the screws so the knobs are flush with the plates. And, the Mr. also had to use a bench grinder to grind down the rounded top of the screws so the plates would lay flat against the wall.
Overall, this is a very easy way project. Depending on the thickness of your curtains you may need to use a ribbon or something else to help hold the fabric behind the door knob. But I just love this detail in Adalyn’s room. Let me know if you decide to make these – and please share pictures!